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Oxrider Academy

Oxrider Academy provides training, refresher courses in the field of Chinese medicine and systems theory in biology and medicine. In this way we bridge the gap between the Western reductionistic and the Chinese systemic paradigm.


By using the ideas of systems biology, we want to offer knowledge that is firmly rooted in the tradition of Chinese classical texts and their scholars and philosophers and the modern, scientific thinking of the 21st century.

We do not do this alone, but in cooperation with various Dutch research groups and educational institutions (Sino-Dutch Centre for Preventive and Personalized Medicine, Meluna Research, SU Biomedicine) and with teachers and curriculum developers from the Zhejiang Chinese Medical University in Hangzhou, People’s Republic of China.


Throughout the year we organise short lectures, for anyone interested in Taoist philosophy, Chinese medicine and systems thinking. We start with two annual lectures: the midsummer lecture and the midwinter lecture.

A large part of our program consists of refresher courses. In various areas we offer opportunities for deepening and broadening knowledge. The upcoming courses are listed on the program page.

Oxrider Academy also offers vocational training in Chinese herbal medicine, consisting of four modules of ten days each. Each module is concluded with a test. When all modules have been sufficiently completed this leads to the professional diploma “Chinese herbalist”.