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A conversation...

11 November 2020

Last week I spoke to a colleague. Well, speaking…

At first there was a conversation, but it quickly turned into a heated discussion.

It started with him asking me what I thought of the whole corona approach. Whether I could agree with the measures imposed on us by the Cabinet and the RIVM. And whether I would be vaccinated if the corona vaccine was released.

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7 October 2020

In the ShiJi (literally “Historical Survey”) from 85 B.C. the Chinese historian and scientist Sima Qian describes the life of Lao Zi, the first philosopher of Chinese Taoism and the probable author of the Dao De Jing. There is a lot of discussion as to whether Lao Zi really existed or whether he is a fictional person who is used to shape the ideas of Taoism. Fact is that ShiJi is the primary source where the story of the founder of Taoism is told.

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Dans of the paradigms

12 August 2020

When we talk about science, most of us think of the methodology described by Newton and Descartes. Few are aware that there are different directions and methods within science to approach reality.

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A new beginning

28 January 2020

Happy New Year and all the best, happiness and health for 2020! Maybe a little late at the end of January, but not according to Asian tradition. And since we are a little bit between the two cultures with Chinese medicine in Europe, a prosperous New Year from both the solar and the lunar calendars.

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Will it be wintertime?

29 November 2019

Will it be winter time or will Europe opt for summer time? Or will it be the typical Dutch polder solution of shifting half an hour and moving exactly between winter and summer time, as a group of Dutch meteorologists suggested? Everything can be made in our world. Also our time and our relationship with day and night and the seasons.

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