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Herbs and Medication

Yan Schroën

Chinese herbs and regular medication can they go together? What are the do’s and don’ts. Questions that every herbalist regularly asks in practice. But not only the herbalist. The patient, treating physician and pharmacist also often struggle with this question.

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Shen-hammer Pulse Diagnosis Supervision Day

Sybill Huessen (r.i.p.), Sebastian Kütter

A day of playful exploration of shen-hammer pulse diagnosis. Sybill and Sebastian look forward to assisting you in refreshing your skills and diving deeper into the landscape of Shen Hammer pulse diagnosis together.

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13 & 14 October 2023

Yan Schroën

Women’s physiology is centred around the concept of Blood in Chinese medicine. In this 2-day course, we will take a closer look at the rhythm of the menstrual cycle itself and the rhythm of fertility in a woman’s life in general. Both from a classical Chinese perspective, and also from a Western endocrine perspective, where the period of menopause will be highlighted.

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Kiiko Matsumoto Style Acupuncture

10 & 11 November 2023

John Jaarsveld

Kiiko Mastumoto is a modern master who has developed her own unique style of acupuncture, which largely relies on palpation. This workshop is intended as an introduction to Kiiko Matsumoto’s style (KMS).

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Shen-hammer Pulse Diagnosis

6-day course

Sybill Huessen (r.i.p.), Sebastian Kütter

Anyone can learn pulse diagnosis; the only condition is that it is step-by-step and that as much hands-on practice time as possible is provided. In that case, learning the skills of pulse diagnosis is like learning a new language: Only a few words and a little grammar are needed to start with, and then one has to start speaking the language to gradually expand the vocabulary.

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Systems thinking & Taoist philosophy

10-day course, starts 12 January 2024

Yan Schroën

Interested in Taoist philosophy? Interested in classical Chinese medicine? Always wanted to know what those classical Chinese medical and philosophical texts actually mean and can mean in the changing Western society of the 21st century? This ten-day course is an introduction to systems thinking and Taoist philosophy.

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2-year course in Chinese Herbal Medicine

Starts on 1 March 2024

Yan Schroën

The Classical Chinese Herbal Medicine training consists of 4 modules. The herbal training is practice orientated. This means that single herbs and herbal formulas are discussed alternately, so that the subject matter is quickly applicable in clinical practice. The starting point of each lesson is Chinese diagnostics and differential diagnosis, on which the herbs and formulas are hung.

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Andrology - Men's Issues

24 & 25 May 2024

Yan Schroën

Andrology is the specialty that deals with diseases of men, just as gynaecology deals with diseases specifically of women. But while a huge number of articles, books and lectures can be found on gynaecology, andrology is a small and not so well-known field.

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European herbs from an energetic perspective

6-day course, starts 13 September 2024

Yan Schroën

This course will give you an introduction to phytotherapy as it was traditionally practised here in Europe. A rediscovery, a “re-engineering” via the knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine of our “own” herbal tradition.

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